Norton 360 antivirus intentionally installs a cryptocurrency miner on a PC

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Users of the popular antivirus Norton 360 found that the built-in cryptocurrency miner cannot be disabled – it can run without permission if the computer has an Nvidia video card and nothing happens.

We are talking about the standard Norton Crypto module (NCrypt.exe), which officially became part of Norton 360 in the summer of 2021 – the cryptocurrency that the user mined on his PC is stored on wallets in the company’s cloud, while a commission of 15% of the amount mined is charged for the service. digital currency.

It is noted that mining cannot be turned off, while there are also problems with the removal of the built-in miner.

Online users claim that this component behaves like malware. To prevent such a problem, you should pay attention to the corresponding checkbox about the work of Norton Crypto – it must be unchecked when installing the antivirus.

If the miner is still installed, you can completely remove the antivirus by cleaning the registry and reinstalling Norton 360 and choosing the correct options. If you do not want to reinstall the antivirus, you can manually remove NCrypt.exe through the file manager from the folder with the antivirus.