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Sony Bravia BZ35J and BZ30J: New professional-quality 4K monitors

Sony is a manufacturer that needs no introduction, and this June it has decided to expand its catalog of professional monitors and smart displays with the launch of the Bravia BZ35J and BZ30J series . In both cases we are dealing with 4K monitors that offer pristine image quality and HDR.

They are designed as business solutions for a wide range of B2B applications , but can be easily adapted to different environments, such as corporate, educational or for digital signage. In the same way, they support IP control and mirroring function through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and also Chromecast and Apple AirPlay 2.

To make matters worse, these Sony professional displays are powered by the Android operating system to provide a smooth and familiar user experience.

Sony BRAVIA 4K HDR Professional Monitors

Absolutely all Bravia monitor models presented today provide us with 4K quality in the company of the HDR color space, what changes is the level of brightness, the refresh rate of the panel and, of course, the size.

In this vein, the options range from 32 inches to 75 inches , so there is a choice based on customer needs or project requirements.

With that said, here’s how the new lineup of Sony Bravia professional monitors looks:

BZ35J Series

The BZ35J series constitutes the high-end bet and is made up of two flagships:

• FW-50BZ35J (50 inches)

• FW-43BZ35J (43 inches)

It is characterized by providing a brightness level of 560 to 570 nits in combination with a refresh rate that amounts to 120Hz .

Sony Bravia BZ30J Series

Here we find the models that Sony considers to be the basic range, although judging by their performance they could well be high-end. The models are as follows:

• FW-75BZ30J (75 inches)

• FW-65BZ30J (65 inches)

• FW-55BZ30J (55 inches)

• FW-50BZ30J (50 inches)

• FW-43BZ30J (43 inches)

• FW-32BZ30J (32 inches)

For all of them, the displays exhibit a peak brightness of 440 nits , as well as a standard refresh rate (60Hz).


According to Sony, all of the aforementioned models will go on sale in Fall 2021. For more information we can visit .

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