Actors selected for the Last of Us series: they don’t look like game characters at all

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Actors for the main roles are quite famous in the world of cinema, but they do not even closely resemble the original characters.

Initially, information appeared on the network that Mahershala Ali (“Green Book”, “True Detective”, “Alita”) became interested in the main role in The Last of Us series, but he could not get the coveted place in the list of actors. However, this is not surprising, because in the game, black characters are assigned only secondary roles. Immediately after that, the THR edition reported inside information that the creators of the series had already chosen actors for the main roles of Joel and Ellie – these characters will be played by Pedro Pascal (“The Mandalorian”, “Narco”) and Bella Ramsay (“Game of Thrones”, “Dark “). The information has already become official – Neil Druckmann congratulated the actors on their participation in the project.

True, it is too early for video game fans to rejoice. The fact is that actors differ from their game prototypes quite strikingly. And if, with Pedro Pascal, having a beard somehow solves the problem, then Bella Ramsay gets out of character even too much. Actors for secondary roles have not yet been selected, but it’s only a matter of time – usually the longest casting takes place on the main characters. Based on this, we can conclude that HBO is in the final stages of preparation before the start of filming.

It is worth recalling that the pilot episode of The Last of Us series will be filmed by Russian director Kantemir Balagov , author of Dylda, which was nominated for an Oscar. Unfortunately, he was not allowed to shoot the whole series, although HBO has not yet appointed a director for the position of director, but the author of the pilot episode always sets the tone for the whole series, which means that Balagov’s work will lay the foundation for the whole picture. Moreover, after the filming of The Last of Us, if the project is received warmly, HBO promised to shoot the series for the second part of the popular franchise with matured characters and a change of scenery.