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Amazon MiniTV: The new streaming service in India

Amazon MiniTV

Prime Video , Amazon’s streaming content platform, is gaining more and more popularity, thanks to its good price (it is included at no additional cost in all the company’s Prime accounts) and its increasingly extensive catalog. However, it seems that this falls short of the company and now it has just launched a new streaming service, this time, in India. It’s called  MiniTV and although it is clearly a little short for now, it could be a good solution for certain user profiles.

What is MiniTV and what does it offer?

MiniTV is a new streaming content service from Amazon. Its first peculiarity is that  it has no cost , you can use it without having to pay anything. But obviously this is a double-sided coin and, although we like to save money of course, we also like to have at our disposal a complete and good quality service, something that, for now, seems to be in question.

And it is that MiniTV will offer certain free content, but  its catalog will be quite small . It will mainly feature  somewhat old content  and some programs and series originally conceived for other platforms, such as  YouTube .


Availability of this platform: for now, only in India

Amazon has been quite surprised with the launch of this platform, since it has been something unexpected. And although everything that is free is welcome, even if it cuts in variety and quality, the truth is that the main handicap that this formula faces for now is that  it will only be available in India,  at least in a first phase.

The company has not commented on its deployment to other markets, or when or where, so for now we can only wait and, in the meantime, enjoy Prime Video.

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