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Best Japanese Streaming Series right now

Best Japanese Streaming Series Available Today
Best Japanese Streaming Series Available Today

Asian content is currently in high demand and it is normal that we do more and more searches to see series, movies and documentaries of this type. Likewise, the producers are taking advantage and they do not stop launching new titles from the Asian continent that, certainly, are very, very good, such as the remake of La casa de papel or Dr. Brain, considered one of the best series on Apple TV + . Today I leave you my top of Japanese series that you can watch in streaming.

Top Japanese series that you can watch in streaming

In this case, you can find all the titles on HBO Max and on Netflix .

  • The Journalist.

    If there is a title that cannot go unnoticed, it is this one, born after the success of the film which, in turn, is inspired by the book of the same name and which, in turn, received so many awards and nominations. Let’s see how a journalist fights against a corrupt system seeking to reveal a great secret related to politics and, of course, to the social in which several powerful families are involved.

  • The Head.

    Production that is shared with Spain. In it we see how a research station located at the South Pole works. It focuses on the harshest moments, during the winter, when many of the experts evacuate due to inclement weather, leaving the minimum number of personnel there, who have died when, once again, those who had retired return to continue with the job.

  • The Naked Director.

    It is inspired by the life of a former encyclopedia salesman who wants to change his life and ends up fully involved in porn to revolutionize the industry at the time (1980s).

  • Parasite: The Maxime.

    Since animes are also series and this one is also horror, go straight to the top to finish it. The protagonist is a teenager infected by an alien parasite that consumes humans. On this occasion, he tries to live with the bug while fighting against other specimens of the species that discover them living a non-parasitic but mutualistic relationship.

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