Discovery + Launches 4K BBC Movies Section

Discovery Launches 4K BBC Movies Section

News of Discovery’s plans to launch its streaming service in the US in January 2021 emerged about two months ago . Recently it became known that Discovery + is already available not only to Americans, but also to residents of some other countries (in England, the service has been in test mode since last fall). Among the first were Italy, the Netherlands and India.

On Discovery +, viewers will find content from HGTV, BBC, Food Network, TLC, ID, OWN, Travel Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet, etc. It is noteworthy that in Europe this platform will become the main platform for the Olympic Games in Tokyo and the programs of the Eurosport television network.


For most users, the most interesting feature at launch was the ability to watch selected BBC documentaries in 4K quality. However, UHD quality is currently only available for Apple TV 4K and Amazon FireTV users. Discovery will have to negotiate with other manufacturers in the near future. So far, most 4K movies have been categorized as Nature and Animals.

In terms of HD quality, Discovery + can be launched on Android TV, Roku, Xbox (One, S / X), Samsung Smart TV, iOS and Android platforms. The service can be viewed through any browser.

In the US, the cost of a basic monthly subscription was $ 5 (with ads), for a premium subscription (no ads) they asked for $ 7.

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