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How to play Wordle for free, offline and forever

How to play Wordle for free, offline and forever
How to play Wordle for free, offline and forever

Wordle has become the fashion game of the year. And although these things usually have a finite life, and as soon as it keeps us hooked, it falls into oblivion, it seems that this original dynamic has come to stay with us for a long period of time. We recently learned that  The New York Times has bought Wordle , which has caused a certain fear among users that, at some point, it will become a paid game. Today we tell you how you can play Wordle for free, offline and forever.

You can download the game if you want. All you have to do is  open Wordle in your browser and right-click the Save As option . With this simple gesture you will save the code of the web page, where all the words are found in an incredibly large list, so that you can play every day, without the need to be connected to the internet and without having to pay for it, in case you that it eventually becomes a payment option.

How to play Wordle for free, offline and forever

For the rest, the option of being  able to play every day, to the word that has been chosen for each day , is maintained . In addition, very interesting is also the fact that  we can share our results on social networks , as we do until now.

Of course, it seems that this option  works better in a computer browser  than in mobile devices such as Android, so it is a solution only for PC. It is not only interesting in the event that they end up making this game a paid game, it is also a good option if we want to use it even without internet, at times when we are not going to have a connection.

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