PornHub colored and re-released in 4K vintage erotic films

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Machine learning systems are often used to give a more modern look to content made a long time ago – and erotic films are no exception. The infamous service PornHub took advantage of the progress in order to colorize vintage erotica – the oldest film in the collection of these remasters dates back to 1896.

Also: Pornhub will introduce biometric technology for user verification

The project is called Remastured, it was trained on over 100,000 images and clips of bare human skin – and taught to color the video. In addition to coloring, the algorithm also upscaled films to 4K and 60 frames per second and reduced noise. The sound was not forgotten either: it was either remastered or replaced with a new track.

In total, the library includes 20 colored fragments of an old school entertainment video.