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A4Tech Expands Fstyler Computer Peripherals Series


A4Tech introduced a computer mouse FM12 , FM12S and keyboard FK15 a series Fstyler . These are versatile models that are distinguished by great wear resistance and an impressive set of functions.

Mouse:  A4Tech FM12 and FM12S

Both models are equipped with a 1,200 DPI optical sensor . Such an indicator will give the highest accuracy, allow you to perfectly control the movement of the cursor and increase the speed of work. For comfort, the scroll wheel has an increased width and also supports tilting to the side. Thus, using the wheel, you can scroll through the pages in all four directions.

The FM12 and FM12S mice are uniquely durable, with each mouse tested to last up to 5 million clicks. In addition, the body is made symmetrically, so the models are suitable for right-handers and left-handers. Hotkeys support 8 scenarios of use, turning a laconic mouse into a convenient assistant. The FM12S has an additional feature: this mouse uses silent click technology. With such a gadget, you can completely immerse yourself in solving problems without distracting others.


Keyboard: A4Tech FK15

The third novelty is the A4Tech  FK15 keyboard  with soft key travel. It is designed for maximum functionality and comfort at work. Ergonomic, rounded keys minimize fatigue during long typing and increase typing accuracy. Drainage holes ensure efficient drainage of liquid in the event of a spill on the keyboard. Finally, the F1-F12 keys can change media settings (such as screen brightness or sound level), and the compact size will save desktop space. The FK15 keyboard contains many thoughtful features that will ensure efficient and safe operation – this is just ideal for those who value convenience and comfort.

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