Apple announced the release of the highly anticipated label HOS AirTag . The model uses NFC technology and allows you to detect items that are important to the user (for example, a wallet or a key holder).

Apple AirTag is housed in a stainless steel housing and is IP67 dust and water resistant . The search for things is carried out through the Locator mobile application . Using the capabilities of the U1 chip , extensive geolocation opportunities open up – from vibration signals to determining the distance to an object with an accuracy of centimeters.  

ou can see the location of the device using the Locator application. When searching, it is possible to play a sound and turn on the accurate detection mode. The iPhone will be able to show the direction to the device using AR.

Apple has taken care of privacy – data from AirTag is transmitted only to the iPhone. The appearance of the beacons lends itself to customization: when placing an order, you can choose emoji that will be applied to the body.

AirTag  will cost  $ 29 , a set of four tags will cost $ 99 .

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