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Cognixion ONE: First Augmented Reality Brain Computer Interface

Cognixion has created the ONE AR headset – “a tool for communication, access and everything else that life has to offer.”

The Cognixion ONE has no dangling wires. The monitor no longer obscures the person you are talking to. Cognixion ONE is described by its developers as a wearable window to the world, providing both verbal communication and AI assistance for home automation control, etc.

Cognixion ONE works through a non-invasive brain-computer interface. It was developed by neurologists and biosignal engineers in collaboration with speech researchers. In addition to integrated AI for home automation, the novelty provides several context-sensitive smart keyboards.

Thanks to Cognixion ONE, a person with almost any complex communication disorders associated with the inability to speak, move, see, hear, will be able to simply communicate. The rugged construction and optional accessories ensure that the Cognixion ONE can be used with confidence in your everyday life.

Speech generation software also displays text on a mirrored screen and generates speech. The feedback signal of the dialogue is transmitted in an accessible way for the owner of the Cognixion ONE in a way of his choice from the keyboard on its surface.

4G cellular connectivity ensures constant communication with AI assistant and cloud services.

The novelty has three keyboard options with contextual prompts (QWERTY, ABC, Linotype), is integrated with the popular AI assistant (tba), has a 4G connection, a USB-C charging port.

Cognixion ONE offers several switchable data transmission options: three degrees of freedom for heading, brain-computer interface, six occipital non-invasive dry electrodes, two auxiliary channels, plus ground and reference channels. No shaving or special gel required.

An adjustable setting band is provided for adjusting the position of the electrodes. The electrodes themselves are disposable and are replaced if necessary. They provide 8-channel real-time biosignal streaming. The companion application is used for system configuration and remote neural monitoring.

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