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Duracell launches a multifunctional docking station

Duracell multifunctional docking station
Duracell multifunctional docking station

At first glance, the gadget looks like a hefty Duracell battery, which, in fact, is what it is. This all-in-one device can act as both a desktop docking station and a portable battery. Available in two versions: 25,000 mAh and a monstrous 60,000 mAh (they won’t let this one on the plane anymore!).

The younger version is equipped with MagSafe-compatible wireless charging, two USB-C ports (100 W/60 W) and two 18 W USB-A ports. There is also a small internal compartment for wires, a case with headphones and other useful items. The older model has a full 220V/100W outlet.

Aside from the obvious joke about the steroid rabbit, I would like to say that this is one of the most successful form factor non-portable batteries that I have come across recently, and it certainly goes on my personal “What would I give myself” list. True, it’s worth mentioning that Sean Holister from The Verge never managed to fall asleep next to the docking station due to the work of the built-in fan and backlight, but these are minor things.

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