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Excitrus launches NitroCharge 120 Pro with 20,000mAh capacity

Excitrus introduces its NitroCharge 120 Pro
Excitrus introduces its NitroCharge 120 Pro

Mobile charging specialists EXCITRUS, with a strong history of developing the latest technology in PD chargers and power banks, launches the latest product in its charging series, the NitroCharge 120 Pro.

The power bank features MagSafe capabilities alongside several types of USB ports, allowing multiple devices to be charged at the same time

The Nitrocharge 120 Pro is a high-performance portable charger that is designed to keep up with the demands of an active modern lifestyle, delivering reliable and fast-charging power to a variety of different devices, simultaneously, on the go. 

Boasting an impressive 120W output and a large 20,000mAh capacity, the power bank is suitable for charging almost any device including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even USB-C PD devices. With capabilities for 120W, 100W and 15W wireless charging (Qi), there should be an option for almost any tech product. Able to charge 60% of a laptop computer (via USB-C) and 85% of a smartphone in just 1 hour, it is the ideal gadget for ensuring that devices are never low on battery for long. When the Nitrocharge 120 Pro itself is running low, it takes only an hour for it to be recharged up to 100%.

The ultimate portable charger with 20,000mAh capacity and 120W output

The ultimate portable charger with 20,000mAh capacity and 120W output

Not only can it charge quickly and efficiently, it can also charge multiple devices simultaneously, whilst still benefiting from fast charging speeds. With the possibility of connecting up to 4 devices at the same time, making it perfect for travelling or commuting with. Featuring USB-A, USB-C2, USB-C1 ports and magnetic wireless charging, it is compatible with most laptops, tablets, phones, AirPods and even a Nintendo Switch for any gamers.

The sleek, ergonomic design features rounded edges that ensures that the power bank is lightweight, and portable. Also made with water repellent and soil resistant coating, the exterior of the Nitrocharge is just as powerful as its charging capabilities and means it doesn’t just feel and look nice, it is also safe to use with limited worries of damage.

The EXCITRUS Nitrocharge 120 Pro is available for £110/$129.99/€122.95 on the EXCITRUS website and is coming soon to Amazon.

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