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GameBoy Color made into a remote control for Apple TV

Youtuber Otto (Otto Climan) from Italy has decided to take Apple TV remote control to the next level. For this, the enthusiast has come up with a new remote control with more massive, responsive and comfortable buttons.

Otto used the Nintendo Game Boy Color handheld game console as the basis. The body of the device was specially redesigned (by Retro Modding): the idea was to make the Game Boy look similar in style to Apple products from the 90s. At the same time, Otto managed to almost completely preserve the original console body. In addition, it has made the display brighter and clearer.

However, the point of this whole venture, of course, was to refine the internal circuits and create a special program on the cartridge that made it possible to bind the Game Boy buttons to the IR emitter (modern Apple TVs support receiving commands via infrared radiation). The Otto cartridge itself has also been enhanced with stylish stickers with the Apple logo.

According to youtuber, he was pleased with the result – the console console came out stylish and practical.

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