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MiDian Zero Blue Music Ambient Light: Xiaomi speaker lamp that helps you sleep

MiDian Zero Blue Music Ambient Light is the smart lamp that, according to Xiaomi, will surprise us with its little things.It is a lamp of, in my opinion, very good taste, versatile where available, with a design that we can classify as retro, and small (29.5 x 22.8 mm). But that’s not all, of course. We are talking about a simple transparent dome, an elongated 1700 or 199K LED bulb and an elegant and very simple base. In this way, we achieve a light and warm lighting to set the scene, ideal for watching romantic or horror movies.

Beautiful, discreet and functional smart lamp from Xiaomi

We have to say that it completely gets rid of the blue emission, so you should not have eye damage because of that. In fact, according to Xiaomi , it even helps you sleep because its light, in theory, secretes melatonin, which relaxes and reduces fatigue.

This hides a speaker that works by bluetooth and with which, of course, you can listen to all the songs you launch from your devices. Its high mid frequencies are not negligible. In addition, we find support for Mijia, the intelligent ecosystem of the brand, so that you can also control the Xiaomi assistant,

So that the firm does not find it so difficult to produce these types of products, it has teamed up with MiDian, which is an expert in lighting solutions.

For these types of products, you probably don’t know that the firm uses a crowdfunding platform, something we have seen done with many of its most innovative inventions.

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