Almost a year ago, NVIDIA released the RTX Voice utility. Its release was the impetus for many companies who wanted to release their software to improve sound quality by eliminating unpleasant or unnecessary sounds in it.

As stated by NVIDIA, RTX Voice is based on artificial intelligence powered by the tensor cores of GeForce RTX video cards, so the utility was previously available only for GeForce RTX 2000 and RTX 3000 video cards. Now the official website of the application indicates that it is better to use GeForce RTX video cards NVIDIA Broadcast, and for GeForce GTX you can install RTX Voice.

For NVIDIA RTX Voice to work on GeForce GTX gaming graphics cards, you will need to install a GeForce Game Ready driver version 410.18 or later. It, in turn, is available for installation on GeForce GTX video cards up to the 600 line, so almost every owner of NVIDIA GeForce GTX and RTX video cards can improve the sound of their microphone.

It is worth noting that earlier NVIDIA RTX Voice could be unofficially installed on GeForce GTX video cards. To do this, it was required to perform a couple of simple manipulations, but now this is not required.

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