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Panasonic PT-RCQ10 – Laser Projector with Versatile Installation Capabilities

Panasonic PT RCQ10

The Panasonic PT-RCQ10 series of projectors  includes four  single matrix  DLP models with a resolution of 2 7 5 x 1 697 . Among themselves, the projectors differ in brightness and configurations: modifications PT-RCQ10 and PT-RCQ10L will provide up to 10,500 lumens, models Panasonic PT-RCQ80 and Panasonic PT-RCQ80L  – up to 8,400 lumens. As for the bundles, we are talking about lenses – the “L” mark in the name indicates the presence of a lens in the kit. All versions are equipped with Solid Shine  proprietary and  laser light sources  , which are rated for 20,000 hours and do not require t  maintenance .   

If we talk about image quality, then regardless of the modification, all projectors in the series received support for the Rich Color Harmonizer technology  , aimed at  enriching the color palette and increasing saturation. This is  said  to  allow for a better picture than other DLP projectors on the same matrix .  

Panasonic PT-RCQ10

Also, for improved quality, the new products used the Smooth Pixel Drive technology  , which in a special way  shifts the peak of the mudflow along one axis  , making the image more detailed. Panasonic says the  system is clearly visible when  playing 4K content  ( all 4K signals are displayed on the projection surface at up to 2,715 x 1,697 ) .    

In addition to technologies that form a high-quality projection, the manufacturer noted a number of functions that simplify projector setup and ensure seamless integration with other equipment. For example, Panasonic PT-RCQ10 series projectors can receive UHD signal not only via HDMI, but also via Digital Link terminals  .  The modular Slot  NX system ( optional cards with different types of connectors) will allow you to expand the switching capabilities  . The Smart Projector Control mobile app allows you to customize the projector in real time (after initial installation)  . There are versions for  iOS  and  Android .   

Panasonic PT-RCQ10

Like other  Panasonic professional  projectors  , the PT-RCQ10 series supports remote network monitoring and control through a suite of free software tools for integrators.  

Of the other additional features, the company singled out the  Daylight View  3 system , which, due to the sensor, will adjust the picture in accordance with the illumination of the surrounding space. In addition,  Panasonic has  drawn attention to a number of special technologies that are designed to optimize the image created by combining  multiple  projections. The company promised correct geometry,  balanced contrast and consistent colors.  

For the Panasonic T-RCQ10  Series, the  manufacturer offered 11 different lenses  for different projects.