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Ray-Ban Stories: Smart glasses from Facebook and Ray-Ban

Facebook fans will now be able to wear part of their favorite service on their own nose in the form of a stylish accessory from Ray-Ban. These are glasses called Ray-Ban Stories – and they are already available wherever Ray-Ban models are sold.

The glasses are the result of years of collaboration between Facebook and European eyewear conglomerate EssilorLuxottica, Ray-Ban’s parent company. Real glasses should also love the ability to get Ray-Ban Stories with prescription lenses.

Fans of video streaming will be able to use two 5-megapixel front cameras – the memory capacity is enough for about 30 half-minute clips or about 500 photos. In the dedicated Facebook View, clips can be edited and published, and not only to Facebook.


Recording is initiated by the button on the glasses or by the voice command “Hey Facebook, take a video”. In the recording mode, the LED on the glasses lights up, which is visible to the recording object – this is the ethical point.


The indicator on the inside of the glasses, on the other hand, can only be seen by the wearer. This is a colored LED that indicates the battery level or an error has occurred. According to Facebook, the battery will provide six hours of use, with the glasses being recharged in the included Ray-Ban USB-C case.

In addition, the glasses can also be used as Bluetooth headphones – the speakers are located in the temples, and the touch areas on the outer surface allow you to change the volume or control playback. Most importantly, Ray-Ban Stories don’t weigh much more, but look and feel like regular glasses.

Ray-Ban Stories: smart glasses from Facebook and Ray-Ban

In the US, Facebook Ray-Ban Stories glasses will cost $ 300.

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