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Razer Anzu: Smart glasses with in-ear touch controls and eye protection

Razer, which is known around the world for its gaming peripherals, officially unveiled its first smart glasses called Razer Anzu.

It is worth noting that this is not an announcement of a prototype, which may go on sale in a year or never at all, as was the case with a protective mask or a chair with a protective display for gamers, but a full-fledged release – glasses are already available for order on the company’s official website at a price of $ 199.

True, so far the manufacturer does not report the exact delivery time, but, apparently, fans will be able to get the coveted gadget in the very near future.

The glasses are presented in two versions with lenses of different shapes and in two sizes – the weight of the standard version is 43 grams, and the enlarged model already weighs 48 grams. At the same time, the optics built into the glasses provide the user with additional eye protection – the level of filtration of ultraviolet radiation is 99%, and the filtration of blue light harmful to eyesight reaches 35%.

That is, the glasses can significantly reduce the strain on the user’s eyes while working at the computer, during streaming or gaming sessions. However, this is not the only bonus of Anzu – the glasses can also act as open-type headphones.

To do this, additional 16 mm emitters are built into the arches of the glasses, which, in fact, emit sound, plus omnidirectional microphones are provided in the design – thanks to them, the user can make calls by connecting the device to a smartphone via the Bluetooth 5.1 wireless network.

Moreover, on the arms of the device there are touch panels that respond to taps, swipes and taps – you can switch tracks, accept or reject voice calls, increase the volume without using the smartphone itself. The device also boasts protection from floor and moisture, as well as a battery life of as much as five hours.

Read more about the glasses here. 

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