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Razer Project Hazel – Protective mask for gamers

Project Hazel

Today at CES 2021, Razer unveiled Project Hazel, a smart face shield to protect against COVID-19. Since the start of the pandemic, the company has been committed to helping the medical system and has even converted its certified mask manufacturing facility and donated 1 million surgical face masks to the Razer Health initiative.

Project Hazel is a reusable mask designed to protect its wearer and also address the environmental concerns associated with disposable masks. The mask design features an N95-grade respirator, as well as removable and rechargeable active fans and Smart Pods that regulate airflow. Smart Pods provide up to 95% filtration of airborne particles and have a high liquid resistance.

But perhaps most importantly, Project Hazel is translucent. This ensures a high level of social interaction: people can see simple emotions, and hearing impaired people can read lips without problems and risk. Perhaps, thanks to the transparent zone, users will also be able to unlock their mobile phones by the face, but this must be checked anyway.

In order for the latter to be able to be done in the dark, Razer also provided a backlight – well, how could it be without it in a product from a gaming company. By the way, there are also customizable Razer Chroma RGB lighting zones, which offer a choice of 16 million colors and a selection of dynamic lighting effects.

The Project Hazel also features Razer’s new VoiceAmp technology, which uses a built-in microphone and amplifier to enhance the user’s speech.

Another interesting feature is the universal fast wireless charging box, in which you can easily and quickly disinfect rechargeable disk-type fans from bacteria and viruses.

The masks will appear in white and black. Unfortunately, there is no information about the start date of sales and the price.

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