Razer Zephyr Pro: Illuminated Mask with Voice Amplification

Razer showed off the latest Zephyr smart mask at CES 2022. The new Pro version boasts an advanced amplification module that will make your voice louder and more impressive.

Like the original Zephyr, the redesigned Zephyr Pro comes with air purifiers, lights, and active fans. There are practically no external differences, but the manufacturer noted additional grills on the speakers, as well as a voice amplification button. With the Zephyr Pro mask, voice volume can be effortlessly increased up to 60 dB, according to the company. Thus, you do not have to shout in a noisy environment.

Zephyr Pro batteries last for 6 hours, but only if the user remembers to turn off the voice amplifier.

Note that Razer initially stated that the Zephyr Pro model (like the regular Zephyr) is equipped with N95 level filters, that is, the mask should reduce the spread of various viruses, including COVID-19. This information was spread by Western media and partners of Razer, however, regulatory authorities demanded that the company remove information about the protective properties of the product.


The manufacturer was forced to point out that the Zephyr Pro mask is just a gadget, not a medical device, respirator or personal protective equipment. In an interview with our Western colleagues, Razer representatives explained that their mask still has high protective properties, but the lack of the necessary certification does not allow it to be used for marketing purposes.

In the US, the Razer Zephyr Pro mask will ask for about $150. Sales will start later this year.

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