Samsung trolls Apple – offers branded tissue for free

Apple display napkin is sold for almost $20, others are several times cheaper, and you can get it from Samsung for free

Samsung trolls Apple - offers branded tissue for free

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Last month, during the presentation of new MacBook Pro laptops and AirPods headphones, Apple introduced a very unusual accessory for itself – a $ 19 soft non-abrasive display napkin. The most interesting thing is that it was sold out immediately after it went on sale, and this surprised many. They started to joke and create memes, and iFixIt experts even made a comic review of this microfiber cloth, awarding it 0 points out of 10 for maintainability. Samsung also did not stand aside.

The South Korean giant has sent e-mail notifications to Galaxy owners in Germany inviting them to get a branded 20 × 20 cm screen-cleaning cloth for free. To do this, you need to apply in the Samsung Members app.

Samsung trolls Apple – offers branded tissue for free

Samsung’s marketing campaign is clearly aimed at a competitor, since Apple’s napkin is too overpriced, and similar products on popular platforms are several times cheaper. It is worth noting that this promotion is currently only available in Germany. It is not yet known whether residents of other countries will be able to get a branded cloth from Samsung for free.