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Sennheiser Profile: USB-C microphone for convenient streaming and podcasting

Sennheiser presented a new USB microphone , which is aimed at working with smartphones and laptops to improve sound quality during streaming and recording podcasts.

The Sennheiser Profile USB microphone is a product that combines reliability and affordability. Using experience and the best components, the company has created a dynamic tool that can adapt to your audio needs.

As creative people, you are always creating something new and interesting to impress your audience. Sennheiser also does not stand still and does not compromise on quality. The metal construction and premium materials ensure durability, while the German capsule delivers the sound you want while rejecting unwanted noise.

Sennheiser Profile is easy to use with its best features and capabilities so you can focus on your story and sound. No complicated settings or software. Simply connect one cable to any computer, tablet or mobile device to connect with your audience. To power the microphone, it is enough to connect it via USB-C, you do not need an additional external power supply or audio interface .

The Profile microphone is available in two versions: the basic Sennheiser Profile Base Set model with a table stand that allows you to adjust the angle of the device and is compact enough not to take up much space; and Sennheiser Profile Streaming Set ‒ “all in one”, with a long USB cable and a pantograph for maximum convenience of positioning the microphone relative to the sound source.