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Studio sound with Shure MV7 and MV5C microphones for podcasts and home office

Shure MV7 and MV5C

Replenishment of the MOTIV line of digital mobile microphones, designed specifically for high quality audio transmission and recording. The main advantage is easy Plug-n-Play connection, without additional software.

Shure has announced the addition of two cardioid microphones to the MOTIV lineup at once – a condenser Shure MV5C-USB and a dynamic large-diaphragm Shure MV7. The equipment is already available for order.

Shure MOTIV equipment MV5

Shure MV5C

The MV5C directional digital microphone provides optimal capture and transmission of the speaker’s voice, eliminates background noise and enables efficient meetings from the home office. Signature sound quality ensures excellent speech intelligibility for remote listeners: a top manager of a well-known company or a distance learning instructor can grab the attention of participants during a video conferencing session or a conference call. Superb technical features in a sleek retro design ensure easy Plug-n-Play connectivity and compatibility with MacOS and Windows personal devices.

John Worn, Senior Product Manager, Shure, Headquarters:
Today, with virtually all work being telecommuting, be it TV production, education, healthcare or general office work, we quickly realized the need for quality audio capture in the home. MV5C showcases the signature level of audio from our brand of choice for decades for stage performances by ProAudio professionals. You can be sure that your words, presentation or story will be heard loudly and clearly by distant interlocutors .

Shure MV5C -USB – Digital Cardioid Condenser Microphone for Home Office

  • Plug-n-Play, compatible with macOS, Windows OS (no software installation)
  • Optionally connects via USB-A and USB-C (included in the package)
  • Tabletop stand (included)
  • Built-in DSP
  • Directional microphone cartridge with low sensitivity to ambient noise
  • Built-in headphone jack
  • Boxed solution

The second breakthrough update to the Motiv Digital series is the MV7, the first XLR / USB hybrid microphone, inheriting the qualities of the legendary SM7B vocal microphone. The device is designed for both podcasters, gamers and vocalists involved in professional streaming and audio recording at home, and for work in the studio.

The proprietary Voice Isolation Technology improves speech intelligibility: regardless of the acoustic properties of the room, the technical characteristics of the microphone capsule bring the voice to the front, leveling out ambient noise and overtones of the room, ensuring the quality of the transmitted audio signal. The Auto Level mode instantly adjusts the gain level, so the output signal level remains unchanged. The function acts as a virtual sound engineer and adjusts the sound level on the fly, shortening later editing time and allowing authors to focus on creating worthy content. An integrated touch panel makes it easy to set up the microphone. With just a few taps, you can adjust the gain, volume of the headphones, monitor mix, turn silent mode on or off,

The microphone is controlled by free Shure MOTIV software and built-in audio presets. Each speaker chooses the option of equalization settings (deep, natural or bright) and the degree of distance from the microphone at a distance of up to 45 cm (adjustable sensitivity level) to suit his needs. MV7 is also certified by the popular TeamSpeak VoIP solution.

The device easily integrates into an existing setup via USB-A and USB-C for Mac and PC. A professional XLR output is available as an alternative to USB for use with interfaces, mixers and professional audio equipment. The MV7 microphone works with select Android devices and iPhone / iPad (Lightning cable sold separately). Available in two colors: black and silver.

“This year we have seen a significant increase in the demand for tools and accessories for live streaming and podcast recording, especially since most users broadcast from home,” said Soren Pedersen, Deputy Global Product Management at Shure. “Whatever the application, users understand the importance of clear and intelligible sound. We designed the MV7 with a focus on the detail of the user’s voice, so the quality of the transmitted signal is always clear and rich regardless of the acoustic properties of the room, which in turn allows the audience to focus on the content they are listening to. “


Shure MV7

MV7 is a large diaphragm digital cardioid dynamic microphone with XLR / USB connectors

  • Compatible with macOS, Windows OS, iOS and Android OS
  • Connection interfaces XLR, microUSB, miniJack 3.5mm
  • Touch control buttons on the body
  • Built-in DSP
  • Directional microphone cartridge with low sensitivity to ambient noise
  • Configuration via free Shure MOTIV software or via ShurePlus
  • Available in two finishes: black and silver


Motiv Digital microphones are designed for recording and broadcasting from portable personal devices: Apple iOS, Mac or PC; and are Plug-n-Play. The main goal of MOTIV is to simplify the recording process while maintaining the audio quality that all Shure users are familiar with.