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SteelSeries Aerox 3: Lightning-Fast Ultralight Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries has introduced the Aerox 3 and Aerox 3 Wireless . The new gadgets combine advanced technology and reliable engineering in an ultra-lightweight form factor to deliver responsive gaming and uncompromising performance.

“Ultralight mice are a key trend in the gaming industry, ” said Ehtisham Rabbani , CEO of SteelSeries . –We’re thrilled to present two mice that will not only delight SteelSeries fans, but will delight all other gamers as well. For the first time, players won’t have to choose between ultra-light weight, high quality or performance . 

SteelSeries Aerox 3 and Aerox 3 Wireless - Lightning-Fast Ultralight Gaming Mice

Aerox 3 Wireless

The SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless is a wireless gaming mouse that weighs just 66 grams. The model is equipped with a TrueMove Air optical sensor with real one-to-one tracking, created in conjunction with PixArt specifically for wireless devices. This sensor accurately captures every movement of the mouse and delivers impressive performance. The sensor resolution is 18,000 CPI , the speed is 400 IPS , and the acceleration is 40G . Thanks to the high energy efficiency of the sensor, the manufacturer has managed to reduce the weight of the mouse by installing a smaller battery that lasts longer than many competitors.

The case of the Aerox 3 Wireless is perforated, but at the same time the mouse is protected from moisture and dust according to the IP54 standard . AquaBarrier technology protects internal components from external influences and ensures the durability of the device. The Aerox 3 Wireless implemented proven technology the Quantum Wireless 2.0 We do , allowing you to connect a mouse on a radio channel 2.4 GHz, as well as Bluetooth 5.0. This solution provides up to 200 hours of battery life in Bluetooth mode and 80+ hours in 2.4 GHz mode.

SteelSeries Aerox 3 and Aerox 3 Wireless - Lightning-Fast Ultralight Gaming Mice

The Aerox 3 Wireless charges via the included Super Mesh USB-C cable . Just 15 minutes of charging gives you 40 hours of battery life. During the charging process, the mouse can be used for its intended purpose. The Aerox 3 Wireless glides smoothly with Teflon feet, and the three-zone RGB lighting can be configured using SteelSeries Engine software .

Aerox 3

The Aerox 3 mouse largely replicates the functionality of the Aerox 3 Wireless , including IP54 water and dust resistance , perforated design, Super Mesh USB-C cable , Teflon feet, and tri-zone RGB lighting.

The Aerox 3 uses the TrueMove Core sensor , co-developed with PixArt , which was first introduced in the Rival 3 . This is an optical sensor with the following parameters: 8,500 CPI, 300 IPS, 35G. Since the Aerox 3 is a wired mouse, it weighs less than the wireless sister and is only 57 grams.

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