Hellblade 2 Developers Set Fire to Things in the Name of Research

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To achieve the highest possible level of detail in their upcoming game, the developers of Hellblade 2, Ninja Theory, have gone into practice. A short behind-the-scenes video posted to the company’s official Twitter account shows Hellblade 2 team members setting fire to what appears to be part of Senua’s clothing, with the caption, “Sometimes you have to destroy to create.”

As a follow-up tweet suggests, this is done in order to take high-quality photographs of clothing to use as a reference when creating in-game assets. “It is these high quality scans that will help us achieve amazing levels of detail in our games,” reads the tweet, along with a photograph of a scan of clothing showing all the wrinkles and burn marks on the material.

The studio’s Twitter account is full of such short development details, as is the profile of Melina Gergens, who is responsible for bringing Senua to life. Earlier, Gergens shared a short video of her presence at the costume scan in Ninja Theory.

Despite being announced at E3 2019, Ninja Theory reports that Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 still hasn’t gone into “full production” as of July 2021. According to studio founder Tamim Antoniades, Hellblade was a very special game for the studio, so “the team wanted to do something special and that’s why we make our life as difficult as possible in this endeavor.”