5 reasons to buy the new GAMESIR X2 PRO

5 reasons to buy the GAMESIR X2 PRO
5 reasons to buy the GAMESIR X2 PRO

Whether you like to play frequently or if you are a sporadic gamer, one of those who only pick up a console when they go on a plane or when boredom is at its peak, keep reading because this gadget that we are going to talk about today may Interest you. This is the new  GAMESIR X2 PRO , which is now experiencing its  official global launch and does so with a super interesting offer.

And so that you know what you can expect from it and what advantages it brings, here are the five reasons to buy the GAMESIR X2 PRO , that is, the five reasons why it is worth every euro it is worth. Do not miss it!

GAMESIR X2 PRO: A brutal design for a 360 experience

In consoles one of the most important things is its design. And it is not for a question of aesthetics or the like, but rather that a well-kept and well-built design will help us make the gaming experience more comfortable, complete and ergonomic. This GAMESIR X2 PRO has  3D joysticks for a smooth and 360º movement,  analog triggers with a pressure of 0.1 mm , as well as  ruggedized grips  for a more effective grip.

That your console is very comfortable, ergonomic and that allows you to play with maximum control is super important for you to win each game. You will have to put some skill, of course, but with a good tool you will achieve it in an easier way.

High compatibility thanks to its USB C connection

Another detail of its technical specifications that we found very interesting is that it has  a USB-C connection . What does this mean? This connection offers us the possibility of connecting it to the port of our mobile. In this way, we obtain a wireless format so that we can take it wherever we want and we can place our mobile without problems, being well fixed and without the option of falling or moving and spoiling our games.

Most mobiles today have this connection. Keep in mind that microUSB or lightning are not valid, it is only compatible with USB C mobiles. It is retractable up to a maximum of 167 mm. Keep that in mind!

Official XBOX License

And to show its strength and power, another thing you will like to know is that this GAMESIR X2 PRO is officially licensed by XBOX for Android mobiles. That is to say, XBOX gives its approval so that we can use it to play from the mobile in a more complete and professional way. This license guarantees that we will be able to run our mobile video games with full guarantees and play them in a way that is closer to that of traditional game consoles.

In addition, thanks to this, we will also have the possibility to use XBOX Game Pass for free, thanks to a welcome gift. Are you interested? We’ll tell you about it at the end of this article, but we’re leaving you with this appetizer so you don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Very complete packaging

Another of the most interesting aspects when buying a console (or rather, an accessory to turn your mobile into a console) is its packaging. In other words, when we buy it, it comes well loaded with accessories so that we can get the most out of it. In this case, depending on the version you choose, you can receive one type or another of accessories, for example, tools to manipulate the controller itself or a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

In any case, we have a cover included so that we can take it on a trip without any problem. In addition, we also have covers for the control levers, so that protection is fully guaranteed.

Offers and free gifts

And finally, this is undoubtedly one of the great reasons to buy the GAMESIR X2 PRO. This is the option of getting a  cheaper price thanks to its introductory offer and also free gifts .

Take note. If you choose to buy it  at the German Geekbuying store , you can get it for a price of  73.97 euros , as long as you put the discount code  GAMESIRX2PRO , which gives us an 8% discount.

On the other hand, if we choose to buy it  in the Chinese warehouse , we can obtain a 10% discount with the code  GAMEX2PRO10 , which makes the price finally stay at  72.36 euros . In this case, the gift is a free month for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, so we can fully test this new accessory that will turn your phone into a complete console.