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Acer PredatorShot: The new generation Acer energy drink…

Acer has presented PredatorShot , a new generation energy drink to quench the thirst of gamers . Available from July 7 , it can be purchased exclusively in Dia supermarkets , also enjoying a launch promotion to win succulent prizes.

PredatorShot, the drink that supposedly increases potency, endurance and reactions

Energy drink PredatorShot of Acer wants to be a plus for gamers ultra -competitive . The technological brand affirms that with its soft drink, the player will achieve greater performance in the games, by enhancing the user’s skills with its components.

The official energy drink of the Romain Grosjean simracing team, R8G

This supplement for gamers is packed with amino acids ; vitamins ; minerals ; and caffeine . With all this, PredatorShot manages to increase energy levels , improve concentration and memory . In addition, it makes the player feel fully hydrated . The drink includes: B vitamins ( B3 , B6 , and B12 ), which support the regeneration of muscles and the nervous system, as well as helping to release energy from carbohydrates; taurine and lutein, an antioxidant that helps the eyes filter the blue light emitted by computers.


Launch promotion

The soft drink is presented with a striking and very striking design, in a 250 milliliter aluminum can . And to encourage gamers , buyers can access a launch promotion from July 7 to 27, 2021 .

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