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Asus ROG Spatha X: High-end gaming mouse with dual connectivity

The Asus ROG Spatha X is the new edition of one of the most iconic wireless MMORPG mice on the market. A high-performance peripheral designed to satisfy demanding gamers and gaming professionals .

Asus ROG Spatha X, performance optimized for gaming

Asus announces the new version of the mouse for MMO Rog Spatha . This brand new gaming device improves its qualities so that players of titles such as the popular World of Warcraft , enjoy their hobby even more. The product, named Asus ROG Spatha X , optimizes the characteristics of its predecessor, adapting to new times.

Peripheral Features

At the design and visual level, the product has changed practically nothing. However, it is inside where a significant leap has been made. This mouse has 12 programmable buttons , distributed throughout the entire peripheral chassis. On the sides of each main button, left and right ( mechanical with a useful life of 70 million clicks ), a pair of small buttons are located . Another 6 are added to the left side and the mouse wheel .

Asus ROG Spatha X

Another advantage of the ROG Spatha X is its dual connectivity . On the one hand wireless with 2.4 GHz transmission; and on the other by a USB-C cable .

More mouse details

This new model has an optical sensor with a resolution of 19,000 DPI . Provides a sample rate of up to 400 IPS ; in addition to being able to recognize accelerations of up to 50G . The connection cable is the exclusive Asus ROG Paracord , which guarantees great resistance and low friction.

The peripheral includes the Asus ROG Aura RGB lighting system . Note that the mouse has a battery capable of lasting 67 hours , without using RGB lighting. In addition, the device comes with a charging base , with which to enjoy 12 hours of play with only 15 minutes of rest.

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