Bloody W70 Max – An indispensable mouse in gaming battles

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Bloody has introduced a new model of the Bloody W70 Max gaming mouse , which in a matter of minutes will turn any beginner into a professional gamer and give an impressive gaming experience . The novelty is equipped with a professional customized sensor. Its 10,000 CPI high resolution, 8,000 FPS capture rate and 4-level adjustable polling rate provide precise control over even the smallest movement, and with 1 millisecond response, it literally becomes an extension of the hand and instantly executes any commands without delays and freezes.

The maximum acceleration of 35g protects against “breakdowns” – with sharp and fast movements in the game, the camera does not fly up, and control over the situation remains in the hands of the user. Of course, all parameters can be adjusted to find your own unique style of play: the built-in memory will store macros and parameters, and they do not have to be restored after turning off the computer.

Bloody W70 Max - an indispensable mouse in gaming battles

LOD will help you to fine-tune your mouse to suit your playing style . This parameter is responsible for the height of the separation of the mouse from the table surface, at which it continues to record movements. This is suitable both for those who find it more convenient to maintain control even when the mouse is raised, and for those who like to “throw” it into a more comfortable position during combat. Also on the body there is a fine control button, where you can choose one of six functional modes.


All this technical variety is complemented by the Ultra core program for setting various parameters and downloading ready-made presets. The software provides access to the 5-position calibration function, 6 sniper modes for FPS games and Quick1-Key macro settings for MMO games . In addition, an additional scroll wheel on the mouse body makes it possible to quickly switch between three weapon modes without interrupting the main gameplay.

Bloody W70 Max - an indispensable mouse in gaming battles

Finally, in addition to advanced technical solutions, the mouse is very ergonomic. The rubberized scroll wheel is created using double injection injection molding technology. In other words, it is a quality finish that provides durability and tactile comfort. To enhance the gaming experience, the mouse is complemented by five types of RGB lighting that change at the press of a button.

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