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Canyon CND-GPW3: New 4-in-1 wireless gamepad

Canyon introduced a new 4-in-1 wireless gamepad that is compatible with PlayStation 3, Nintendo Switch, Android, WinXP – Win10 . The Canyon CND-GPW3 gamepad has all the necessary function keys and fits comfortably in the hands.

If you were missing the ability to change the configuration of the controller to suit your play style, now it is possible to do it.

The tactile buttons and the convenient D-Pad are quick to respond to the user’s touch. 16 well-placed buttons with two high-precision joysticks ensure a great gaming experience.

Canyon CND-GPW3 - New Wireless Gamepad

In addition, here you can adjust the sensitivity of the analog sticks and trigger dead zones. A powerful vibration effect will make the impression of the game more realistic.

The 2.4 GHz wireless connection allows you to enjoy flawless communication within 10 meters of the receiver. Each user will be able to customize the lighting individually for themselves and for a specific game model.

Stylish and personalized button illumination is especially appreciated by those gamers who like to play in the dark for an immersive gaming experience.


“Canyon CND-GPW3 is the embodiment of all the current trends in the field of gaming accessories. This wireless controller is compatible with the most popular gaming consoles including the Nintendo Switch. The ergonomic shape of the case and the location of the buttons make the game very comfortable. The maximum distance from the console is 10 meters. The device is ideal for both beginners and professional gamers , ”said Denis Orlov , Business Divelopment Manager in the gaming accessories category.

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