CD Projekt Red doesn’t like comparisons between Starfield and Cyberpunk 2077

Developer CDPR doesn't like comparisons between Starfield and Cyberpunk 2077

As soon as ordinary users were able to get to  Starfield , the Network was filled with various kinds of video comparisons of Bethesda’s creation with  Cyberpunk 2077 . Typically, they showcase NPC behavior, animations, and more, putting the space RPG in a bad light. One of the lead developers of CP2077 spoke out against this practice.

The person responsible for Cyberpunk’s lore, Patrick Mills, criticized such comparisons. According to him, such actions by users do not improve the environment in the video game environment and “actively harm” the way people experience interactive entertainment.

In the comments, he clarified that the videos do not contain any comments or analysis, nor are there any attempts to correctly compare the two projects. “What is the point of such a comparison then?”  – asks Mills . Let us remember that Cyberpunk 2077 itself was subjected to a barrage of criticism at release due to game-breaking bugs and strange glitches. However, after a series of patches, the team managed to bring their creation into decent condition.

Moreover, Cyberpunk will receive another dose of improvements shortly before the release of the Phantom Freedom DLC – the add-on is scheduled to be released on September 26 for PC ( Steam , GOG , Epic Games Store ), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. According to community director Marcin Momot , the studio will announce the release date for update 2.0 as early as next week .

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