Genesis Neon 750 RGB: 50mm Driver RGB Gaming Headset

Genesis Neon 750 RGB

Genesis revealed a new gaming headset Genesis Neon 750 RGB , which according to the creators, ensures great comfort in use and long service life. The ear cushions and headband pad are reportedly made of foam and covered in premium faux leather.

Genesis Neon 750 RGB Gaming Headset

The headphones are equipped with 50mm wideband drivers. Genesis Neon 750 RGB provides a frequency range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz. Headphones are connected to a personal computer or laptop using two three-pole 3.5-mm minijacks: one for the headphones themselves, the other for a removable microphone (there is also an adapter for a four-pole minijack in the kit).

Genesis Neon 750 RGB Gaming Headset


There is also a USB cable , which is required to connect the RGB lighting . Volume control and backlight control is carried out using a small remote control located on the cable.

Genesis Neon 750 RGB Gaming Headset

The Genesis Neon 750 RGB headset is priced at $ 65.99 . The gaming headphones will go on sale at the end of the week.

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