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Lenovo unveils Legion Go portable console

The good acceptance that the public has had with the Steam Deck has given confidence to other manufacturers to be encouraged to launch their own devices based on Windows and with a “Premium” price. Perhaps the ultimate example of this is about to arrive during October, as the Lenovo Legion Go arrives on the scene with an imminent launch.

Although for weeks there has been talk every time about a first portable console that Lenovo is close to launching on the market, now it has been a specialized medium called Windows Report who has not only obtained images of the final product but also with a series of specifications and even its price , which would exceed the rest of its competitors.

Lenovo Legion Go Features

Lenovo Legion Go will be the most expensive portable console of this 2023

As the images show, this model would be the one that comes closest to Nintendo’s successful concept with its current Switch console, since it would allow its side controls to be detached to be able to be used from a distance in various display modes or in the case of wanting to connect it to a bigger screen via HDMI.

Also, Lenovo Legio Go would be the largest console so far with a panel of 8.8 inches , above the 7 inches of all its competitors on the market such as the Steam Deck or the Asus ROG Ally . Internally, the processor would be the new AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme accompanied by 16 GB of RAM at a speed of 7500 Mhz, an NVMe M.2 SSD storage unit of up to 1 TB and a battery that promises great capacity (one of the main problems that this type of demanding hardware is having) with super-fast charging technology.

Thanks to its above-average power, the console would not only allow you to play your traditional titles from Steam and other sources but also experience augmented reality and virtual reality creations thanks to pairing with the similarly named Lenovo Legion headset.

Finally, the price with which the console would reach stores in some territories from October would be 799 euros , that is, 100 euros above what the best Asus alternative asks for but with the advantage of doubling its internal storage and enjoying a screen almost two inches larger.

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