Newskill Apholos Pro: The new professional gaming mic

Newskill Apholos Pro

Newskill has released its new professional RGB gaming microphone, the Newskill Apholos Pro. Today, at Gizcomputer, we will tell you about the most complete microphone of the brand.

What is the Newskill Apholos Pro?

The Newskill Apholos Pro is a professional RGB gaming microphone that will allow you to record with the best audio quality for your streams, podcasts, games or any other task in which you use your voice. Thanks to its different technologies, your voice will be heard clean and clear, so you will enjoy a great performance that your followers and friends will appreciate.

Defined pickup patterns and rugged design

The Newskill Apholos Pro is a great microphone that will recognize your voice in different ways, as it has four polar patterns: cardioid, bidirectional, stereo and omnidirectional that will serve you to record different activities.

Are you a streamer and want your followers to hear you perfectly? This is your microphone. Are you an ASMRartist and need your voice to be captured clearly, even if you whisper? This is your microphone. Thanks to its different pick-up patterns, the limits of the recording will be set by you.

In addition, you will not have to worry about it being damaged, since it has been built with robust materials and its design makes it very stable, in addition to that, if it falls, they help it absorb small shocks. In fact, you can easily disassemble and assemble it thanks to its table support.

Newskill Apholos Pro

Easy to use, with its variety of buttons

Another aspect that you have to take into account about this microphone is that it is very easy to use because it has different buttons to perform different tasks. For example, you can choose the polarity with the upper front button, regulate the sound of the headphones and even modify the lighting with ease with the buttons prepared for it.

Finally, do not be scared with the installation, because it is simple thanks to the fact that this microphone is plug & play, so you will only have to connect it to the PC with the USB and connect your headphones to the microphone through the 3.5 mm Jack input and start to use it. And if you want a special atmosphere? Make use of up to 5 collectible ambient light colors and create your own personal space.

Newskill Apholos Pro

With a very competitive price, this microphone is presented as a very interesting option for users who like streaming, ASMR or any activity for which they need their voice.

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