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Newskill Osiris: The importance of having a good gaming chair

If you are in search and capture of a good gaming chair, you cannot miss the new model that Newskill has just launched  . It is the  Newskill Osiris , a chair for those who spend many hours in front of the computer. They have dubbed it “the essential” and stands out for being very comfortable and for having high quality materials. Available in nine colors, the Newskill Osiris is one of those products that will fit perfectly into your set-up.

Newskill Osiris design

The Newskill Osiris has two very important points that we must highlight: comfort and durability. Get these two advantages thanks to its materials. On the one hand, it has a  seat and back filled with moldable foam , so it will adapt to your body and you will have that right point between robustness and softness that you need so that you can spend hours and hours in front of the screen without feeling tired or uncomfortable. It is  upholstered in leatherette and has a  cervical (memory foam) and lumbar (foam) cushion . For its part, its  reinforced metal structure, with polyurethane and carbon, makes it very stable and resistant.

It is worth noting that it has a mechanism called  leap frog that offers balance and stability even when you adopt a superlative incline. Its wheels are  60 mm  and are finished in  nylon so you do not scratch the ground.

It is available in nine colors (white, blue, gray, pink, orange, green, purple, red and yellow) , all of them with black details and the brand’s logo clearly visible. Its weight is  24 kg  and its dimensions are 73 x 63 x 130-136 cm. The height can be between  130-136 cm and the depth of the seat is  51 cm , with a width of  57.5 cm .

An all-terrain chair

A very important detail in this type of chair is its degree of inclination. This model is  180º reclining , so you can play on it, work, study or even rest a little bit between exercise and exercise or between games. Obviously it is not the most comfortable place to sleep, but we do not think that you are going to buy a gaming chair for this purpose. What prevails is comfort and being able to rest a little in a lying position from time to time. The good thing that you can choose the degree of incline is that there are certain games that are sure to suit you a little more lying down than totally straight, so it will meet the objective.

Keep in mind that it  supports up to 150 kg thanks to the gas piston that acts to regulate the height, making it a chair capable of holding a lot. The metal base has a  footrest , are you one of those who love to play barefoot but don’t want to touch the ground? Then you will get a lot of use out of this design.

Finally, we want to highlight its  ergonomic carbon textured armrests with 4D function  (height, angle, width and length). Thanks to all this we get that comfort that will give us so many benefits in a chair of this style, whether we want it to play or to work or study. Don’t trip up your health.

What should you look at to choose a good gaming chair?

It may seem that all gaming chairs are the same, but we want to warn you that they are not. At first, they all seem very comfortable, but it is by spending hours when we will know if we have made a good choice or not. So how can we know before we buy it?

There are several factors that you can assess, beyond whether the design looks pretty to you or fits well with your set up. Look at the height of the chair, the type of armrests and whether it comes with reinforcements in the lumbar and cervical area. There are places that will not reach the head area and it is important that it is also well collected to avoid future health problems. You should also look at what material it is built and how much weight it supports. Finally, something that until now was not given much importance is the roll and the degree of inclination. We assure you that as soon as you try a chair with a degree of inclination of 180º, you will not want to have another at home.

Newskill Osiris availability and price


Did you like it? The Newskill Osiris hits the market on  July 14, 2021 . Its official price is  249.95 euros , but you can get it somewhat cheaper if you are attentive to the different offers and promotions that are coming out in online stores that sell it.

Is it a good buy? Yes, without a doubt. Although, as is also seen, it is not a very economical model, so we invite you to assess if it meets your requirements. What you should never question is whether you need a good gaming chair, especially if you spend several hours a day sitting in it. In the long run, having it will bring you many benefits and, above all, it will avoid health problems. If, for whatever reason, this chair does not convince you, you can look at other models of the brand, such as the  Newskill Kitsune , which is much cheaper and can also give you very good results.



  • Very comfortable
  • Very resistant
  • Available in nine colors
  • With footrest
  • High quality materials
  • Supports up to 150 kg
  • Wide seat
  • Good value for money
  • Up to 180 degrees tilt


  • Nothing remarkable


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