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Panic Playdate: Awesome portable console soon up for grabs

Yes, it ‘s  been two years since the announcement of  Playdate . The console was supposed to be released last year, but the pandemic forced the creators to change plans. In general, pre-orders will begin to be accepted in July.

This is a small box with a monochrome screen, a small number of controls, but with an unusual twist on one of the edges. This is also a control element, although it will not be used in all games.

Games for Playdate are being developed by very famous teams, and you can evaluate the games themselves on the latest video.

By the way, the past year has not been in vain for the console. Now in the first season there will be not 12 games, as originally promised, but 24. Let me remind you that the console will be released with one game, and then a new one will be released every week. Is free.

They don’t say anything about the second season. I think it will depend on success. At the same time, Panic has already prepared tools for creating games for the console. It is called Pulp and stands out for the fact that it works entirely in the browser. I think, thanks to this, the console will gather around itself a modest, but strong community, and new games will be released after the first season.

In addition, the consoles have doubled the storage capacity (to 4GB), but the price has risen from $ 150 to $ 180. They also showed a docking station, which is both a charger and a speaker, as well as a case for $ 30.

Yes, the device is very specific and not cheap. The same Nintendo Switch Lite has an official price tag of $ 200 / Euro. But the uniqueness of both the console and the games will hopefully allow Playdate to become a fairly popular product.

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