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Payday 3 Developers To Launch Open Beta On September 8th

Payday 3 Developers To Launch Open Beta On September 8th
Payday 3 Developers To Launch Open Beta On September 8th

Starbreeze Studio will conduct an open technical beta testing of the Payday 3 shooter from September 8 to September 11. Users on PC and Xbox Series can participate.

The purpose of testing is to check what the company’s servers are capable of and whether they can withstand the influx of players. Console owners need to use the Xbox Insider Hub to access testing. On PC, all you have to do is make a request using the game’s  Steam page .

  • Servers will launch on September 8 at 20:00 Moscow time. You can play until 14:00 September 11.
  • Cross-play will be available, but so far without private lobbies. That is, you can invite friends, but if there is an empty place in the team, then the game will pick up a random party member.
  • For testing, players will be given an old build of the project, which was assembled back in April 2023. It differs significantly from the release version of the game. Even the interface has already changed.
  • The account will be allowed to pump up to level 22. Many weapons and cosmetic items will be available in the game, but the range will be significantly expanded at release. Progress from “beta” cannot be transferred to the release version.
  • Players will be given access to one heist and four starting characters: Wolfe, Chains, Dallas and Hoxton. The beta will not feature two new protagonists, Joy and Pearl.
  • The developers allowed to shoot the gameplay and broadcast it live and reminded that the balance and some abilities will work differently after the full release of the game.

The developers also claim that the Denuvo protection performed well in internal tests and does not affect the performance of the shooter in any way.

Payday 3 is scheduled to release on September 21st. Platforms – PC ( Steam , EGS ), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series. Silver and Gold Edition owners will have access to the game three days ahead of everyone else.


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