Philips TAGH401BL: Affordable gaming headphones with virtual 3D sound

Dirac’s spatial audio solution equips Philips’ first-ever gaming headset with high-quality immersive sound for more realistic gameplay.

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Dirac and Philips have announced a partnership that has already created affordable 7.1 virtual surround sound gaming headphones. The product is based on Dirac’s proprietary technology – Surround Dirac 3D.

According to its creators, the Philips TAGH401BL gaming headset will let you hear “where the sound is coming from and at what distance.” Gamers need to get “accurate surround sound”. In addition, the sound of the headphones has been tuned so that speech in games is clear and understandable.

In addition to gaming capabilities, the headphones received modes for watching movies and listening to music. The user will be able to control these modes through the remote control on a USB cable.

Philips said its collaboration with Dirac has resulted in a gaming headset that has “the immersive and realistic sound of more expensive devices.”

From the point of view of traditional technical characteristics, the headphones received two 40-mm speakers, the sensitivity was 102 dB, and the declared frequency range was from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Among other things, Philips drew attention to a comfortable rim, soft ear cushions and a dedicated gaming microphone.

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