Razer Kunai and Razer Hanbo: High-performance gaming components

Razer Kunai and Razer Hanbo

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Razer Hanbo and Razer Kunai are, among other products, the new proposal from the leading brand in gaming accessories to enter the sector of high-performance PC components . Ventilation elements with the recognizable style of a company that is sweeping the world of computer enthusiasts.

Razer Kunai and Razer Hanbo, cooling with the unmistakable Razer aesthetic

Razer takes the step, with the launch of its first internal products for computers, which introduces it to the market for high-performance components. In this way he presents his cooling proposals: Kunai case fans and AIO Hanbo liquid .

Product features

Razer’s entry into the world of cooling solutions enthusiast components has the Razer Hanbo as its flagship product . This is followed by the internal fans for the Razer Kunai tower . However, at the moment, it has not elaborated on details. From the liquid AIO cooler we are told that it is distributed in 240 and 360 mm versions , both with their exclusive ARGB Razer Chroma lighting , adorning the key points.

On the other hand, the Razer Kunai fans also sport ARGB lighting , and can be purchased in sizes of 120 and 140 mm to customize the PC cases with their Razer Chroma rings . They are all components with an elegant and minimalist design , with a matte black finish . The manufacturer does not forget to include rubber pads in the fixings where the screws are adjusted, with the intention of eliminating vibration problems.

More details of fans

In Razer Kunai of 120 mm they are disposed 18 LEDs ARGB . This model has a turning capacity between 500 and 2200 RPM ; which moves an air flow of 17.48 to 65.5 CFM and generates a static pressure of 0.15 to 2.47 mmH2O ; loudness is estimated at 15 to 35 dBA ; and a lifespan of 60,000 hours of use is guaranteed .

On the part of the 140 mm model , we find 22 LEDs . It spins from 500 to 1600 RPM , to generate an airflow of up to 81 CFM , with a static pressure of up to 1.31 mmH2O . The maximum loudness in your case is up to 30 dBA . Kunai fans are priced at $ 44.99 for 120mm and $ 49.99 for 140mm . The Hanbo liquid cooling system will arrive in November, and its pricing has not yet been released.

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