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Riot Games Creates League of Legends MMORPG

League of Legends MMORPG

At the end of 2019, Riot Games employees officially announced that they plan to expand the League of Legends universe with new projects, including a shooter, fighting game, strategy, even TV shows and movies. So far, however, such ambitious plans have been implemented extremely poorly, but the company’s developers have officially announced that they are starting to create a new MMORPG in the League of Legends setting, gradually recruiting new talents to their team. Moreover, at the initial stage, the bosses of Riot Games want to get industry veterans in order to more effectively lay the foundation for a future project with a multi-million audience.

In addition, the team opened a lot of vacancies for developers with different levels of experience, so everyone can send their resume and wait for an answer, but, as Riot Games said, the game is now at a very early stage, so some game designers, programmers and managers can call after a decent amount of time. In addition, initially the team will work in an office in Los Angeles, but after a full-fledged start of work on the project, some tasks are delegated to other studios – according to the company’s leaders, a huge team of employees is needed to create an MMORPG.

Unfortunately, about the game itself, which is not surprising, so far there is no information – it is still being planned, opportunities are being discussed, and so on. It is only known that the project will be long-term, as the developers said that they will work on a new MMORPG for many years even after the game goes to release and all bugs are fixed. The very same release of a new game should be expected in a few years – usually it takes two to three years to create such large projects, and even more in quarantine. On the other hand, the developers already have lore, plot, characters and locations – partly the task is simplified.

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