ROCCAT Magma Mini: Silent and compact gaming keyboard

ROCCAT Magma Mini
ROCCAT Magma Mini

ROCCAT Magma Mini is an attractive small form factor membrane RGB keyboard . Its qualities are excellent for gaming , due to its silent operation and effective protection against dust and water .

ROCCAT Magma Mini, compact and brilliant

The label specialized in accessories for video gamers Roccat presents the new Magma Mini gaming keyboard . A manufacturer’s commitment to durability and silence , which optimizes desktop space due to its compressed size. The goal is to provide the user with a lethal tool that offers a satisfying experience.

Product characteristics

With a 60% format , the Magma Mini enables much more terrain to move the mouse at ease in the games. Roccat ‘s keyboard boasts brilliant AIMO RGB lighting , with 16.8 million colors, which is fully compatible with the company’s other peripherals, such as the Burst Pro mouse and Elo 7.1 Air headset . It has 10 LEDs and 5 programmable zones , to synchronize with the rest of the devices and enhance its lighting effect.

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ROCCAT Magma Mini with 10 LEDS and 5 Programmable RGB Zones

This keyboard has an IP33 protection against dust, particles and splashing water. Its membrane system is especially quiet, offering a medium actuation point .

More keyboard details

The peripheral, with a rate of 1000 Hz , has the essential anti-ghosting technology for gamers, capable of recognizing the pressing of up to 20 keys simultaneously . Note that it includes the manufacturer’s Easy-Shift[+] functionality , which is used to assign a secondary role to the most used keys.

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IP33 protection against dust, particles and splashing water

The keyboard uses USB-A port connectivity , using a durable 1.8 meter rubber-coated cable . This new keyboard measuring 308 x 132.2 x 36.6 mm and weighing 460 grams , goes on the market with a recommended retail price of 49.99 euros .

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