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Sony announces DOOM 3: VR Edition and 5 more VR Games

Today, March 3, Sony officially announced a full line of games created for PlayStation VR, which should be released before the end of this year. For this purpose, the company is working with some of the already successful studios in the field of VR projects and newcomers who are creating content for the first time under a virtual reality helmet. All of these games should probably reveal the capabilities of the next generation of PS VR headsets that were announced for the PlayStation 5 last month. The updated helmet will come with improved picture parameters, one connection cable and new controllers for interacting with games.

By far the most striking announcement was DOOM 3: VR Edition, which will be released on March 29 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The developers simply redesigned the original 2004 shooter, adding two add-ons and optimizing the gameplay for the VR headset. It is worth noting that this is the only game from the entire list of announcements that received an exact release date – the rest of the new items are promised to be presented later, but without exact dates.

Another studio Vertigo Games announced a bright enough shooter Arizona Sunshine, which will allow you to shoot at zombies and other monsters in frozen locations:

And for fans of humor, spy themes and various mechanics of survival in difficult conditions, the trailer for Expect You To Die 2 was shown – in the game you will need to dodge axes, defuse bombs and cling to a mustache to disguise:

Probably the most active and dizzying (literally and figuratively) game at the presentation was Fracked – a gamer needs to navigate the virtual world on skis, which is already quite difficult in a VR helmet, plus you need to shoot at enemies on the go, dodge explosions and that’s it. in that spirit.

Completed the list of high-profile announcements, Song in the Smoke is a survival game in which you need to extract resources, make weapons and tools from them, hunt, and fight with local wild animals. Looks pretty impressive, especially if you do it all in the first person.

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