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Sony PS5 April Update: HDR, 120Hz and Smart Off

The next PS5 software update from Sony will teach the game console to automatically disable HDR mode when working with content in SDR. This improvement is intended to save players time and nerves, since previously it was only possible to disable or enable HDR mode in the settings.

The update will improve the interaction of the PS5 with the TV connected to the set-top box. Now it will be able to automatically turn on when the STB starts up. A mode is also available in which the PS5 “falls asleep” if you turn off the TV connected to the console.

The update also improves the compatibility of the set-top box with monitors operating at 120 Hz. It is promised that a monitor with 1080p resolution and 120Hz support should now work at these settings with the PS5. Variable refresh rate (VRR) support is still missing on the PS5.

The update also adds the ability to quickly disable in-game chat and search for purchased games is available. In this case, the user will be able to hide games in the library.

The update supports the previously added ability to store PS5 games on external storage, as an onboard SSD with a capacity of less than 1TB may not be enough for everything. But in order to run these games, they still have to be transferred to the PS5’s on-board drive – the speed of the external drive is not enough to play.

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