The first big PS5 2023 update finally came

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Although it is not the first, it is surely the most touched so far this year. I’m talking about the June 2023 PS5 update that you will be able to enjoy in the near future. Let’s discover it together.

Features update of the PS5 June 2023

Officially, it is version .

After a novelty as important as the integration of Discord, it was evident that it was going to be time to mount stability patches , since it is something that is necessary whenever there is a change of this magnitude. Greater polish in performance is sought and the UX is fluid . And that is precisely what occupies the bulk of this new update for the “play”.

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The notes that Sony has officially left on its online site

Of course, we anticipate since, as Sony has been doing for some time, its official notes are so brief that saying what they say and nothing is practically the same. Even so, we can, luckily, see what they mean.

Usability on screens other than conventional television has improved , integrating a responsive design that is more easily adaptable to the different options currently on the market.

The same, or similar, occurs with messages . These no longer look inappropriate on different screens (not yet achieved on all), regardless of their aspect ratio.

They’ve also gotten their hands on the DualSense controller . Its software has also been updated to, again, achieve greater stability in the controller, something that we know is more difficult in cases like this where it is wireless.

Be careful because, although this is very recent, rumor has it that very soon we could, again, come up with some more news based on the optimality of this latest update.

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