The first details of Far Cry 7 have appeared: If you don’t complete it within 24 hours, you lose

Today, September 27, Tom Henderson, a journalist for the news publication Insider Gaming and a well-known provider of secret information about the world of video games, revealed details of the future project in the Far Cry franchise. He said that Far Cry 7 is currently being developed under the code name Project Blackbird and the game should be released in the fall of 2025. The journalist said that the game will be called Far Cry: Rise, and the development of the storyline will take place on a certain tropical island, but details about the location come from not the most reliable source, so there is no point in delving into this issue.


The development of the video game is the responsibility of the Ubisoft Montreal studio, which decided to abandon the Dunia Engine, on which all previous parts of the Far Cry series were developed. Instead, the project will be based on the Snowdrop engine, which was used to create Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 and also develop Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, XDefiant and Star Wars Outlaws. And, probably, thanks to this change, the team wants to introduce one of the largest innovations in the history of the series into the game – now they will be given 24 hours of real time (or 72 hours of game time) to complete the storyline. If the gamer does not have time to complete the story in 24 hours, then he loses.

Accordingly, the gamer will need to complete a chain of tasks in the storyline in order to save the kidnapped members of his family, but, of course, there is no need to play for 24 hours straight. When the player goes to the shelter, the timer stops, so no one forbids sleeping, eating and working in the real world. At the same time, the development of the plot will be absolutely non-linear – every action entails consequences that affect the development of the world. For example, the player can save his family members in any order and complete all tasks the way he wants. You can also just kill someone in your family, which will affect the plot and probably save time. But in order to complete the game 100%, the gamer will have to save everyone – otherwise it will not be possible to close the plot completely. And for the Far Cry series this is something very interesting,

A new interrogation system for non-player characters has also been introduced into the gameplay, which allows you to extract the necessary information from enemies. But, of course, no one says that in the end the information will be obtained, and the enemy may lie or run away from interrogation. This will force the player to study the game mechanics and interact more cunningly with the kidnappers.

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