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The Legend Returns: Jetpack Joyride Gets A Sequel With New Weapons, Levels And Barriers

The original Jetpack Joyride was released by Halfbrick Studios back in 2011 – on September 1, the developers presented an endless runner on iOS, after which the game was ported to literally all popular platforms, including, of course, Android, and even PlayStation 3 and 4.

And although the mobile game became a real bestseller with huge popularity around the world, the developers decided to present the second part only ten years later. Moreover, Jetpack Joyride 2: Bullet Rush is not yet available to everyone, but only to residents of Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The developers have not yet announced when the full release will take place, but on Android, of course, there is an opportunity to play even without changing the region.

Actually, there are not so many differences from the original – the basic mechanics have not gone anywhere, like the main character with a jetpack. Gamers still need to fly with a side view across the endless virtual world, fighting various enemies, overcoming obstacles and improving their arsenal along the way.

This is exactly what the authors focused on – the fans were promised much more new opponents, complex obstacles that would need to be bypassed with cunning and excellent reaction, as well as new decorations, bosses and even a decent arsenal of new barrels.

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