The upcoming PlayStation Earbuds will have noise cancellation

PlayStation Earbuds will have noise cancellation
PlayStation Earbuds will have noise cancellation

There seem to be quite a few short-term plans for new hardware devices that respond to the Playstation brand, and while the much-rumored 5 Slim version is expected before the end of 2023, what does seem to be getting closer to its launch are its new headphones. Wireless PlayStation Earbuds .

PlayStation Earbuds should be launched in a very short time, not only because we haven’t had any news for a long time since its official launch last June, but because they have just been approved by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission of the USA) certification body, something which also adds some details about its operation.

Everything we know about the PlayStation Earbuds

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PlayStation Earbuds have no confirmed date or price

For those who were not aware of the latest announcements, two months ago Sony had its digital event where not only several games were shown but also a new line of devices that include a portable console to play via streaming (Project Q) and some small completely wireless headphones called simply PlayStation Earbuds.

Although the brand already has new generation headphones that were launched together with the console at the end of 2020 (and that have received very good reviews from consumers), this new model would be designed for those who want more comfort in a pair of headphones . Reduced dimensions and weight , also allowing them to be used when you are away from home in synchronization with your mobile.

According to the FCC certification, the headphones will answer to the model number YY2977, while the USB receiver that would allow wireless synchronization with the console will be the YY2980. The document further references support for Bluetooth LE audio technology and the presence of active noise cancellation technology.

Originally, it was only anticipated that the PlayStation Earbuds would have uncompressed 3D audio to maximize quality while gaming, as well as low latency optimized just so there’s no delay between the audio output in your headphones versus the on-screen images when you’re playing. playing on your PS5.

Pending more information on future Sony PlayStation Earbuds, the images show a modern black and white design in keeping with PlayStation 5, as well as a small charging case that would arrive included with the purchase for you to store and take with you. when they are not in use.

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