Acer unveils a trio of budget TWS splash-resistant headphones


Acer has released three models of fully wireless True Wireless Audio Earbuds (GAHR 010) and (GAHR 011), as well as Gateway True Wireless Earbuds (GAHR012). The first two are simpler, and the third is the most stuffed in the series, but still affordable. The models also differ in design.

The GAHR012 features IPX4 splash protection, 9mm drivers, Bluetooth 5.0 support and a USB Type-C port for fast charging. The stated operating time on a single charge is 4 hours. The case will give another 24 hours.

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Gateway True Wireless Earbuds (GAHR012)

The simpler Acer GAHR010 and GAHR011 have 8-mm drivers, and all other characteristics are the same as in the older model.

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Acer True Wireless Audio Earbuds (GAHR 011)

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For the new Acer True Wireless Audio Earbuds TWS headphones it costs about $ 34. But the Gateway True Wireless Earbuds model was estimated at $ 48.

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