AOSHIDA E20: Open headphones with two dynamic drivers


AOSHIDA E20 in-ear headphones are built on dynamic drivers and have a two-way design and open acoustic design.


A driver with a 10mm diaphragm coated with beryllium is responsible for reproducing the lower part of the frequency range ; high frequencies are voiced by a driver in a brass housing with an 8mm diaphragm made of diamond-like carbon. The main body is 3D printed from synthetic resin, the outer cover is made of aluminum alloy, and large openings in it provide an open acoustic design for the drivers.


The kit includes a detachable cable with a 3.5 mm mini-jack and 216 high-purity copper cores. The sensitivity of the model is 98 dB , the nominal resistance is 12 Ohms .


The AOSHIDA E20 in-ear headphones come in silver and gold and retail online starting at US$49

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